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Hola, welcome to Midwest Adventure Blog, a soon-to-be adventure lifestyle blog.

My name is Lana, I am a late-twenty-something Project Manager at a Des Moines-based Marketing agency. I am engaged to my best friend, Matthew, whom I’ve known for almost a decade (and dated once before in our early college days before going our separate ways and then reconnecting three years ago).

I’m a self-proclaimed crazy cat lady, and constantly looking for ways to convince Matt to adopt a third cat – we currently have two Maine Coon/domestic long hair mixes, Morty (orange) and Rick (brown/black).

During the 2020 pandemic, I’ve had a lot of self-reflection time as I have been working from home, alone, with the cats, day in and day out for over three months now. 🙂 … And have determined a few things I know for sure – my fiancé and I are in our last few selfish years (no children, no dogs to let out, no home to take care of) and I don’t want to waste those years drinking beers binging on Netflix. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good Netflix binge and I’ve coined myself a sour beer connoisseur, but there has to be a more fulfilling way to spend our weekends for the next few years while we can still prioritize our wants – most of which are travel-related.

A few different options came to mind – we almost had a new home picked out in Phoenix, Arizona that we were going to use as a “fresh start”, but we both are so close to our families we just couldn’t make the leap. With the dangers of flying right now (which caused us to push back our 7/15/2020 wedding to 7/15/2021) we couldn’t count on flying for leisure travel any time soon. Which lead us to exploring the idea of purchasing a camper.

Cue Connie, our new (to us) 2014 KZ Spree Connect travel trailer that Matt and I purchased this summer. After weeks of constant researching, purchasing a camper just seemed to be the answer. Our home state of Iowa alone has over 83 state parks, most of which include camping facilities, and living smack dab in the middle of the state, almost all state parks are within a 3-hour drive – Matt’s in carpentry and his hours aren’t as flexible as mine are so long weekend trips aren’t always an option.

I’m using this blog as a way to document our travels and to compile my favorite camping and adventure tips, tricks, fashion, recipes and gadgets while exploring the best spots in the midwest. Thanks for checking it out!

XX, Lana

Midwest Adventure Blog

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