Lake Ahquabi State Park Travel Diary | 7.19.20

Before starting this adventure-seeking journey, I had NO idea that my home state of Iowa had 83 state parks… EIGHTY-THREE! On the list of not-known-state-parks includes Lake Ahquabi State Park located in Indianola, Iowa. My mom and I made the short drive to Indianola this past Sunday to check it out and realized Lake Ahquabi has so much to offer; a lake (duh), water rentals, hiking, fishing, boating, sandy public beaches and mountain biking trails!

Take a look at some of the memorable parts below.

Beautiful fields of wildflowers lined the West side of the beach.

The Lake trail hugs the shoreline for 4 miles while 2 1/2 miles of trail wind through the woods. 

We were joined by roughly 50 other kayakers, SUPs and canoes. The water was perfectly calm, with enough of a breeze to keep from melting in the 90-degree heat.

What is your favorite state park you’ve visited? Are there any in the Midwest you’d recommend? Leave a suggestion in the comments below!

XX, Lana

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