Lake Red Rock Travel Diary | 7.24-7.26.20

Happy Sunday! Idk about you, but I’ve got major Sunday scaries… Matt and I spent the weekend at Saylorville Lake in Polk City, IA and I’m just not ready to get back to it. I felt like the weekend flew and even though it was great, it wasn’t enough… I think some three-day weekend trips are in our near future.

Before I log this past weekend’s trip, I want to share our trip to Lake Red Rock in Knoxville, IA that we took a couple weekends ago. Our friends, Jesse and Alyssa, live ~10 minutes away from Lake Red Rock, and Jesse works for the Army Corps of Engineers so he was able to recommend a great campsite at Wallashuck Campgrounds. If you’ve never heard of Lake Red Rock, it’s the largest lake in Iowa and it actually flows into the Des Moines River, who would’ve thought!?


Our friends brought over pizza (which, TGOD, because it was the sweatiest day I think we’ve had this summer) and we had beers by the fire. It was nice to veg and have some friend interaction during this socially-distant summer.


We planned to wake up early and see the Cordova Observation Tower, but of course overslept and ran late (the usual these days). So we met our friends at the boat ramp to take their new boat out. The last time we went boating with them they were having boat issues and we could only go ~5 mph and parked off the nearest sandy beach (still fun af though).

Today was a different story, with the boat fully up and running we spent the entire day on the lake. Matt and I had NO idea how huge (and breathtaking) Lake Red Rock was, and by the end of the weekend we were on Zillow looking at local house prices 😏. (Cue my dream of living on a lakefront property with a goat, two cats, two dogs, a painting/art studio, workshop, RV storage and barn for a wedding venue… we’ll get more into that in another post). Needless to say, we had a blast!


Sunday morning we finally made our way to the Cordova Observation Tower, and it was totally worth the 170 steps. Normally, you’re able to see the Downtown Des Moines skyline from the observation deck, but we got there right as a storm was rolling in, so the rain in the distance kept the skyline unseen. For the record, this was challenging as hell (which I am not proud to admit).

Can’t wait to go back soon, and possibly set up my house/farm/wedding venue compound 😏.

XX, Lana

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