Saylorville Lake Travel Diary | 8.7-8.9.20

While Saylorville Lake is one of the most popular lake destinations in Central Iowa, neither Matt or I had ever been! I went once to the Saylorville Marina restaurant, Latitude 41, which is pretty awesome (and I’d highly recommend going on a night when they have live music), but I had never explored the outdoorsy side of Saylorville. So this was a new and exciting destination for us, even though it was <30 miles away from our apartment!


We pulled Connie to Cherry Glen campground, the oldest and most popular campground on Saylorville lake. Matt has been working out of town for the past week, so we got a late start and didn’t get set up and dinner made until ~10:00 p.m. But, even past my bedtime the chicken bacon ranch tin foil dinner we made was TO DIE FOR. Linking to the recipe because you have to try it – it was so easy and so delicious.


Saturday morning we got up (semi) early and went walking/hiking around the campgrounds, boat ramp and stumbled upon the Neal Smith Trail. After we cooled down back at the campsite, we drove down to the nearest public beach, Oak Grove (which is semi-new). The water was FREEZING so we didn’t stay too long, but it deff. felt good after the sweaty hike we took earlier that morning.


Sunday we took our Intex 2-person blow-up kayak (best $90 I’ve ever spent. Also, this used to be $90 but the price is inflated now due to COVID) and paddled around the boat dock. It was a bit stressful to be honest, there were so many boats not following the no wake directions and it was pretty choppy water to begin with, so I mostly sat back and hung out while Matt did the commandeering. 🙂 Over all though, I love using the kayak and can’t wait ’til we can get two non-blow-up kayaks so we can take them on more adventures.

If you’re ever in the Central-Iowa area I highly recommend visiting Saylorville Lake. It has so much to offer with it’s marina/restaurant, access to the Neal Smith Trail, beautiful campgrounds and of course the lake.

XX, Lana

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