5 Iowa adventures to book this winter

This time of the year is my favorite, when summer starts turning into fall, it’s truly perfect in Iowa – warm days, cool early-mornings and late-evenings, the trees change colors, PSLs become socially acceptable. But then, winter comes, and I become a horrible, crabby hermit talking endlessly about how SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) is real and how I JUST KNOW I have it. We’ve also decided to have Connie winterized and stored by a local RV dealer, so that means we’ll be camper-less for 4+ months… 😥 So, this year, I’m going to make damn sure that we stay busy outdoors so I don’t die of SADness inside.

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Saylorville Lake Travel Diary | 8.7-8.9.20

While Saylorville Lake is one of the most popular lake destinations in Central Iowa, neither Matt or I had ever been! I went once to the Saylorville Marina restaurant, which is pretty awesome (and I’d highly recommend going on a night when they have live music), but I had never explored the outdoorsy side of Saylorville. So this was a new and exciting destination for us, even though it was <30 miles away from our apartment!

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Lake Red Rock Travel Diary | 7.24-7.26.20

Happy Sunday! Idk about you, but I’ve got major Sunday scaries… Matt and I spent the weekend at Saylorville Lake in Polk City, IA and I’m just not ready to get back to it. I felt like the weekend flew and even though it was great, it wasn’t enough… I think some three-day weekend trips are in our near future.

Before I log this past weekend’s trip, I want to share our trip to Lake Red Rock in Knoxville, IA that we took a couple weekends ago. Our friends, Jesse and Alyssa, live ~10 minutes away from Lake Red Rock, and Jesse works for the Army Corps of Engineers so he was able to recommend a great campsite at Wallashuck Campgrounds.

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Lake Ahquabi State Park Travel Diary | 7.19.20

Before starting this adventure-seeking journey, I had NO idea that my home state of Iowa had 83 state parks… EIGHTY-THREE! On the list of not-known-state-parks includes Lake Ahquabi State Park located in Indianola, Iowa. My mom and I made the short drive to Indianola this past Sunday to check it out and realized Lake Ahquabi has so much to offer; a lake (duh), water rentals, hiking, fishing, boating, sandy public beaches and mountain biking trails!

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My 4 adventure and travel blog ~muses~

As I’ve been planning my blog – the look and feel, content, tone, etc. I’ve been doing a lot of blogging-related research and I’ve stumbled upon quite a few blogs that really inspire me to get outside and enjoy all that nature has to offer.

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Welcome, glad you’re here!

Hola, welcome to Midwest Adventure Blog, a soon-to-be adventure lifestyle blog.

My name is Lana, I am a late-twenty-something Project Manager at a Des Moines-based Marketing agency. I am engaged to my best friend, Matthew, whom I’ve known for almost a decade (and dated once before in our early college days before going our separate ways and then reconnecting three years ago).

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